MYPLATES MyStories Campaign



It’s the personalities and stories behind the plates that make the myPlates brand the brand it is today. People get plates for all kinds of reasons.

So we hit the streets and started talking to people to find out some insights.

We developed an integrated campaign which went to the core of the brand and changed perceptions of Personalised Plates.

We strategically used local people from targeted areas to drive home the fact that ‘real’ down-to-earth people have Personalised Plates.

What this did was normalised the Personalised Plates Category whilst also showcasing reasons to buy.

The strategy of featuring real people not only gave a authenticity to the brand, but also helped to grow the message organically. The people featured shared ‘their ads’ amongst their social network – its a nice way to market without being ‘sold to’. In fact ‘MR POO’ has his myPlates advert on his company’s home page (have a look).

The myStories Campaign included everything from outdoor and press,  digital and dealership collateral.

It was so successful in breaking down barriers and changing perceptions that myPlates ran it twice, using an evolved creative.

 The year long Campaign Included:
• Billboards
• Bus Wraps
• Press Ads
• Online Banner Ads
• Landing Pages
• Welcome Brochures
• RMS Rego Inserts
• RMS Brochures
• Dealership Coffee Table Books
Dealership Point of Sale
and more

myStories Coffee Table Book