Dealership Marketing


Marketing in Car Dealerships is not easy.

We discovered, you need to be subtle.

Why? well dealerships are often governed by the ‘Brand’ for example, nearly every square foot of an Audi dealership has to look like the other Audi Dealerships – and that makes sense.

However, it makes it hard for companies like myPlates to market their product to a market prime for buying a number plate.

So we had to think a bit differently.

We visited various dealerships around NSW to find out their thoughts and to look for opportunities. What we noticed is that Dealerships are becoming more of an experience with Coffee Hubs, WiFi Hot Spots, Self Serve Drinks etc – kinda-like a Qantas Club Lounge.

And here’s where we discovered our opportunity.

When you purchase a car, its a long process and there’s a bit of down time where customers are waiting in the Dealership. So we came up with subtle ways to get our marketing into the dealership without raising alarms from the parent Brand.

Sure, it’s a bit sneaky – but the Dealerships love it.
And myPlates loved the results.

Years on, myPlates and the dealerships are still using the material.


 Marketing Material Included:
• High End Coffee Table book with Spot Varnishes and Embossing
• Swatch Books with Spot Varnishes and Embossing
• Sales Staff ‘Flip Books’
• Kids Activity Packs (to occupy kids who are getting in the way of a sale)
• Pull Up Banners
• Dummy Car Plate Concepts
• Water Bottle Concepts
and more.

myPlates Dealership Marketing Material by Custom Creative