Epson Australia asked us to come up with a 30sec brand commercial which shows their broad range of products.

So we developed a concept ‘Engineered For’ which was designed to run across various mediums from TV to Online.

The “Engineered For” commercial was so successful, it not only was used in Australia, but was also rolled out Internationally from Japan to Europe.


“A Short note to say thank you for your contribution, help and support during the recent making of the Epson “Engineered for…” television commercial.

Your vision and concept captured all of our objectives. As usual there were many but we managed to achieve them all – well done.

Your approach was thoroughly professional and experienced and you fitted perfectly into the way the management team like to work – great.

Again on behalf of the Epson Team thanks for all of your efforts.

Bloody Fantastic!”

– Mike Pleasants

Director of Marketing Communications,
Epson Australia.