Epson RIPS Campaign



In a major product release for Epson, we launched an entire new printing system to a new market for Epson.

The Epson RIPs (replaceable Ink Packs) printer is aimed a business. Astonishingly this new printer can print up to 75,000 pages – uninterrupted. It uses replaceable ‘ink bags’ big bags of ink which a business can pretty much set and forget.

This is a big move for Epson we we developed a campaign which focuses on the point of difference and clearly articulates the direct benefit of this new technology.

‘Epson have it in the bag’

 The Epson RIPs campaign included:
• Press Ads
• Landing Page
• Dealer Brochures
• Point of Sale – Pull Up Banners
• Point of Sale – Posters
• Online Banner Ads

– and more