Mustang Members Garage


When Ford announced the launch of the new Mustang, Sinclair Ford developed the concept of The Mustang Members Garage.

We worked with the head of Performance at Sinclair to develop the brand logo and new look which pays homage to the original Mustang logo.

But what’s more we identified a way to add some extra value to their customers –  a way to surprise and delight. The idea was to present each customer who pre-ordered a new Mustang a bespoke illustration of their car featuring their Number Plate, Model, Colour, Wheel Choice – each illustration unique to the car they purchased.

Each print is branded with the Sinclair Ford logo and Mustang Members Garage Logo its a subtle way for customers to have a permanent reminder of where they purchased their Mustang.


Imagine receiving that on the day you pick up your brand new Mustang…


Sinclair Ford Logo