Brand Early, Not Often – we agree

When developing a new brand for our clients we have found the similar issues related to this article from Fast Co, at the end of the article EMILY HEYWARD goes on to say:

Building a “brand” means taking the time to figure out what drives your target audience–what they truly care about, deep down, at the most fundamental level–and finding a way to connect with those feelings and needs, through language and design. Establishing this point of connection, beyond rational benefit, requires that you really ask yourself what your audience wants, and craft a creative brand experience around these insights. It’s about putting your consumer first–above your product features, above your personal beliefs or suppositions, and then harnessing the power of design.

We cannot agree strongly enough. We recently conducted a customer survey for a client of ours which opened up a huge opportunity for our client to re-engage with their target audience. Its best to Know your customers needs and wants, then brand accordingly.

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