Team Custom Creative wins the 2015 ‘Below The Belt Pedalthon’

What’s becoming a bit of a tradition for Customn Creative is raising money for ANZUP.

ANZUP is the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials Group. Their mission is to conduct clinical trial research to improve treatment of Bladder, Kidney, Testicular and Prostate Cancers.

They run an event called ‘Below The Belt Pedalthon’ a 3 hour ride where teams of 6 need to do as many last as they can. We entered a team for the 2nd year running and managed to win once again. It was bloody hard! 120kms in 3 hours – so thats an average of 40k/ph which is ‘going on a pushy’.

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We have moved.

We have moved to Crows Nest, so feel free to drop in and say g’day at
Suite 110, 6-8 Clarke St Crows Nest.
Phone: 02 9439 4792

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How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems

One of the reasons why our company is located at Homebush Bay (was now Crows Nest) near the Olympic Park is that it allows us to ride to work along the many pathways. Its an easier commute then car. Now here’s an info graphic from FastCo that demonstrates how Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems.

For example, did you know that 70% of America’s car trips are shorter than 2 miles, which translates to about an easy 10-minute bike ride?! And did you know that in the US 30% of the population is Obese (Australia is about the same), and only 1% of trips are by bike where in Holland 10% of the population are Obese and  25% of trips are by bike.

And did you know that the average person will loose 13lbs (5.8kgs) in their first year of riding to work – a good enough reason for me to ride.

View the full info graphic here: FastCo




Brand Early, Not Often – we agree

When developing a new brand for our clients we have found the similar issues related to this article from Fast Co, at the end of the article EMILY HEYWARD goes on to say:

Building a “brand” means taking the time to figure out what drives your target audience–what they truly care about, deep down, at the most fundamental level–and finding a way to connect with those feelings and needs, through language and design. Establishing this point of connection, beyond rational benefit, requires that you really ask yourself what your audience wants, and craft a creative brand experience around these insights. It’s about putting your consumer first–above your product features, above your personal beliefs or suppositions, and then harnessing the power of design.

We cannot agree strongly enough. We recently conducted a customer survey for a client of ours which opened up a huge opportunity for our client to re-engage with their target audience. Its best to Know your customers needs and wants, then brand accordingly.

Read the Full article here: Fast Co

It started with a Cycling Kit design….

When a mate calls up to ask you to design a Jersey for a charity ride called The Hartley Challenge, how could we say no?. We designed the team jersey and bib knicks which were produced by Sugoi. When one of the team members pulls out and there’s a missing link, guess who gets a call up…

Without knowing what The Hartley Challenge was, “Yes” was the answer.

Whats the Hartley Challenge?… Canberra to Mt Kosciusko and return in 3days on a pushie, thats over 450kms in 3 days all for charity. So next time we say yes to a Jersey design we’ll be sure to ask more questions.

To learn more about the charity click here

Heres the design:
Kit Design

Simon Ball (Team Custom Creative) 2nd at Colnago Cup

Everyone’s favourite sales rep Mr Simon Ball wins the bunch sprint to grab 2nd place at the Colnago Cup. Rumor has it that his Birko Sunglasses are not UCI legal…. in other news, Sister team, Team GT Mark Fozzard won the intermediate prime while also grabbing 5th place on the finish line.

Colnago Cup NSW

a happy customer

When one of your clients plaster their logo on their car at this size, you know they are happy.

Scott Sunderlands new brand - Triplesmc

Scott Sunderland's new brand - Triplesmc designed by Custom Creative

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