How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems

One of the reasons why our company is located at Homebush Bay (was now Crows Nest) near the Olympic Park is that it allows us to ride to work along the many pathways. Its an easier commute then car. Now here’s an info graphic from FastCo that demonstrates how Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems.

For example, did you know that¬†70% of America’s car trips are shorter than 2 miles, which translates to about an easy 10-minute bike ride?! And did you know that in the US 30% of the population is Obese (Australia is about the same), and only 1% of trips are by bike where in Holland 10% of the population are Obese and ¬†25% of trips are by bike.

And did you know that the average person will loose 13lbs (5.8kgs) in their first year of riding to work – a good enough reason for me to ride.

View the full info graphic here: FastCo