What’s becoming a bit of a tradition for Customn Creative is raising money for ANZUP.

ANZUP is the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials Group. Their mission is to conduct clinical trial research to improve treatment of Bladder, Kidney, Testicular and Prostate Cancers.

They run an event called ‘Below The Belt Pedalthon’ a 3 hour ride where teams of 6 need to do as many last as they can. We entered a team for the 2nd year running and managed to win once again. It was bloody hard! 120kms in 3 hours – so thats an average of 40k/ph which is ‘going on a pushy’.

Whats better news is that we helped ANZUP raise over 200km which will go towards cursing cancers, ‘below the belt’.

Will we do it a gain next year… yep!

21015 Below The Belt Pedalthon